ASK Author: Belinda Begins Ballet, by Amy Young

Before Belinda was Belinda the Ballerina, before she was Belinda in Paris, and way before she was Belinda and the Glass Slipper, she was a little girl who wanted to dance. But there were two things standing in the way— her left foot and her right foot. Belinda’s teacher, Mrs. Rhino, chooses Belinda to play the clown in a skit for the school talent show. Her feet are perfect for floppy clown shoes. But after seeing an older girl soar big across the stage as a ballerina, Belinda has other plans....

Grade Level: 1-3

This Program is Offered By:

  • TWICE (open to everyone)
  • Polycom (open to Polycom customers)

Students Will Interview:

Author and Illustrator Amy Young