ASK Author: Bessie Smith and the Night Riders, by Sue Stauffacher

Young Emmarene is thrilled when she finds out that her favorite singer Bessie Smith is coming to town, but she is too poor to buy a ticket. So when she's sure no one is looking, she sticks her head under the tent flap and watches the show. From Emmarene's unique vantage point she can see both outside and in, so she's the first to spot the KKK (known as the Night Riders), and rushes to warn Bessie, who, in trademark style, proceeds to take care of business. Bessie Smith and the Night Riders is an empowering true story about standing up for what's right. Readers will cheer for Bessie and Emmarene right up to their final bow.

Grade Level: 3-5

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Author Sue Stauffacher