ASK Author: Freedom Train, by Evelyn Coleman

In 1947 President Truman commissioned a Freedom Train to travel all 48 states with important documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Clyde Thompson's brother is one of the guards on the Freedom Train, and he is lucky that the train will be stopping in his town of Atlanta. The train will only stop in cities that agree to integrate the crowds. Clyde has been chosen to recite the Freedom Pledge, but he has stage fright. Clyde is also the favorite target of the class bully. When the bully tries to beat him up, Clyde is surprised that an African-American boy, William, comes to his rescue. When William's family is threatened, Clyde must make a choice: Will he have the courage to speak out to protect William's freedom? Will he have the courage to recite the Freedom Pledge. Celebrate Black History month with this wonderful story!

Grade Level: 3-5

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Students Will Interview:

Author Evelyn Coleman