ASK Author: I Double Dare You, and Adventures In Walnut Grove: A Lesson About Teasing by Dana Lehman

“Adventures In Walnut Grove” is a story about friends that learn to treat others as they would like to be treated. Sammy is teased because he is a squirrel who has eyes like a raccoon. Sammy knows that name calling is not nice but his friends have a valuable lesson to learn.
“I Double Dare You” is a story about how every one learns to take personal responsibility for their own actions. Silly and Sassy come to Walnut Grove to visit their cousin Sammy. Silly and Sassy are always getting into trouble. They play hide and seek, have frog races and play dare and double dare which leads to some problems for all involved.
We will use both books for this ASK program.

Grade Level: 2-3

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Author Dana Lehman